suburban melancholic, digital nihilist, full-time flâneur /
mostly makes images move /
writes short texts, draws sketches /
thinks and works in/by/with fragments and layers, endlessly edits /
adopts DIY ethics and lo-fi aesthetics - both for necessity and virtue /
prefers hardware stores over fine art shops, fringes over old towns /
uses cracked software, outdated laptops, permanent alcohol markers, duct tape, blunt pencils, sharp cutters, tracing paper, scans and prints in loops /
loves/hates screens, likes slashes a lot ///////////////////////////////
(still) listens to offline .mp3 music and watches movies on pirate streaming websites/
learns from (few) .pdf philosophy books and (loads of) youtube tutorials /
has sharp eyes, agile hands, laconic voice /
hides a big heart behind all black looks /
has a thing for (guess what?!) b&w but only writes in red (and won't tell you why) /
does NOT like to be photographed nor talked about /
predictably drinks too much caffeine - but always eats his greens /
is generally the quiet one in the back - only sits in the front row at the movies /

born and raised in turin (it) / got lost - and lost his mind - in paris (fr) / was then seen in venice (it) / is said to currently live and work in rotterdam (nl) /

cldtlstudio [at] gmail [dot] com
@cldtl somewhere else
links to works, portfolio and cv on request
(but I'd rather have a coffee with you)